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International - Pricing - Customs -Solutions

Your customers demand is our opportunity. We are here for you to source the best solution and price for your transport or logistics requirement.

We are more as a forwarder. We are your independent partner.

Our Services

Find below our services which we offer for pricing.

Our Services


We can offer you pricing for pick ups accrross Europe and choose the right major gateway.


We can help you with airfreight solutions / rates to various destinations. 90% on 747 aircraft.


You will find out what we can do for non EU company sell products on Amazon Europe?



Courier & Time Critical

For time sensitive cargo we can offer solutions accross  Europe with  pick-up within 2-3 hours and same day departure.

Network Solutions

We offer our service as well to forwarder  who has no globally network and own branches. 

Customs Solutions

You want as non EU partie deliver cargo to your clients customs cleared and you dont have an Eorienumber?

"Your customers demand is our opportunity."

CEO of IPCS Team Ltd.

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